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Whether you seek maximum propulsive efficiency and vessel speed or maximum comfort through reduced vessel noise and vibration. We have the experience, analytic tools and products to provide an optimum solution.


This philosophy of technologicaly development combined with practical hands-on experience has always been a comerstone of our production strategy. we have one of the finest machine shops in business with 3 long lathe to carry out shaft machining with high accuracy up to 8 metres in length and 20mm to 240mm diameter

Repair and Reconditioning
of propellers

In addition to the construction of new propeller MM also carry out repair of propellers upto 5Meters in Diameter.

  • Straightening of propellers blades
  • Welding of blade sections
  • Pitch modifications
  • Polishing of propellers
  • Static balancing

About Our Company

Madras Marine draws on more than four decades of passion, customer service, and pride to provide unsurpassed manufacturing of Indian-made marine propulsion systems. Headquartered in AVADI, Chennai, MM personnel boast more than 50 years experience working with propulsion systems. Our company believes in 5 important policys which are as follows

  • Customer-first philosophy
  • Expertly trained work-force
  • Can-do attitude
  • Latest and efficiant manufacturing process
  • Track record of “making it happen”



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News & Blogs

June 8, 2021

INS Jyoti Propeller Repair

One of the challenging work done by Madras Marine Repair and Reconditioning of INS Jyoti Propeller Specification: Diameter 6meter and weight 24tonne.
June 8, 2021

Digital Part Realization

Our in-house process such as Digital Part Realization (DPR) has enabled us to make large pattern in a short period of time. This pattern is of a propeller diameter 1500mm…
May 22, 2021

Stern Gear Assembly

Successfully completed the supply of Stern Gear Assembly - 4 ship set for an overseas customer. It was a very good and challenging experience. Specification as follows 1.5 Tonne -…