Whether you seek maximum propulsive efficiency and vessel speed or maximum comfort through reduced vessel noise and vibration. We have the experience, analytic tools and products to provide an optimum solution.

  • Propellers

    All MM propellers are custom designed and made for each specific application.
  • Stern Gear Assembly

    MM is also expertise in manufacturing the complete propulsion...
  • Rudder stock Assembly

    It is a flat-surfaced structure hinged to the stern and can be controlled. When the ship is on a straight ...
  • Bush Bearing

    Bearings are made out of Gun metal & manganese bronze. The inner bearing lining material...
  • Repair and Reconditioning of propellers

    In addition to the construction of new propeller MM also carry out repair of propellers upto 3meters.
  • Repair and Reconditioning of Propeller Shaft

    MM is fully equipped for repair and reconditioning of Propeller shaf of length upto 10 meters.
  • Power Pole Assembly

    MM manufactures power pole assembly sets with propeller for various light weight diesel engines...
  • Industrial Propeller

    We also make industrial propellers for waste water treatments. The propeller varies from 1 to 40 HP.