Manufacturing and production

Manufacturing and production

Manufacturing and production

The whole production in madras marine industries is guided by the production and planning department. We have highly skilled labours and machines to carry out work of critical components.

1. Patterns

We have more than 500 patterns in stock. All patterns are manufactured in-house by highly skilled craftsman. Since all patterns are made in-house and also with abundance availability of existing patterns, the time required for manufacturing the propeller is further reduced.

2. Moulding

The moulding part is done with great care to avoid porosity in the finished product. The moulding of propeller is done by skilled labour who have years of experience in propeller moulding. Dehumidification is done to totally eliminate moisture in the mould.

3. Machining

By maintaining an experienced workforce and continually investing in the most advanced technology, MMPS commitment to providing the industry's finest precision machined products at a competitive cost remains strong through the years ahead.

At "MMPS " we specialize in precision machining of stainless steel, exotic metals, brass, bronze, and aluminium.

We have one of the finest machine shops in business. We have 3 long lathe to carry out shaft machining. Shafts up-to to 10 metres in length can be machined with high accuracy for any material.

Apart from this 20 lathe of various sizes both conventional and CNC's is dedicated to deal with components with bush boss, stern tube, propellers and other accessories. We are also equipped with machines like radial drilling machine, slotting machines and milling machines.

4. Our Fabricating Department

Our Metal Fabricating Department can shear, bend, and weld most metals.

All the welding is done by approved welders.

5. Casting

With three decades of expertise and experience in producing intricate castings for custom built propellers with superior metallurgical properties makes MMPS foundry a choice for esteemed customers.

MMPS opened its door for the manufacture of propellers alloying manganese bronze and nickel aluminium bronze. All the metals used in our foundry are well above the class requirements. Our foundry is equipped with both electric and oil fired furnace. We have a casting capacity of 2.5 tonnes.

Before pouring the molten metal, metal's chemical composition analysis is carried out by spectrometer to meet the required specifications.

6. Grinding and polishing

Grinding and polishing is done by highly skilled craftsman. Great care is taken in order to achieve high accuracy.

ALL propellers are finished to ISO CLASS S, I,II as per requirements.

We have recently undergone a lean transformation, and under this vision, the company has re-affirmed its three-decades-long commitment to excellence, and has taken that commitment to the next level, with a sharp focus on the leading-edge technologies, lean processes, and skilled employees it takes to fulfill the expanding needs and high expectations of our customers.